Master Spas’ New SwimNumber™ App Helps Users Take Aquatic Workouts to the Next Level

SwimNumber App: SNAPP

April 8, 2014

Master Spas has announced the debut of an iPad app that will take swim spa workouts to the next level, helping the consumer meet fitness goals and track their progress.

SwimNumber App

Designed to work with the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas, the new SwimNumber™ App (SNAPP) is easy to use, customize, and operate as it literally takes over the Wave Propulsion™ System of the swim spa. It intuitively changes the speed of the water current at timed increments while the user is swimming or exercising, to range from high-impact training conditions to slow cool-down speeds. Water speeds range from 0-100, so users can choose their personal level of resistance depending on their workout.

“Our customers have come to know and love our line of swim spas. It seemed like a natural progression to develop an app to help them get the most return on their investment,” said Master Spas CEO Bob Lauter. “We were all excited to produce an app that would revolutionize a swim spa workout. SNAPP will do just that.”

Not only can consumers design their own custom workouts, the app also features preprogrammed workouts at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Tracking fitness progress with metrics like distance, calories, time, etc. can be easily documented and stored. Users can manage stored workouts for future reference, as well as share their results on social media or via email. This app can be custom tailored for up to 12 different users, with numerous workouts for each one.

In addition to the control/workout technology, Master Spas has also brought expert aquatic professionals to the consumer. When they connect SNAPP to their swim spa, they will receive access to videos that feature input from Bob Bowman, world-renowned swimming coach for 18-time gold medalist Michael Phelps. The videos also include instruction by aquatic fitness expert Dr. Rick McAvoy, as well as triathletes demonstrating toning and body building exercises.

SNAPP works only with 2014 or later Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas and connects either point-to-point directly with the swim spa’s sophisticated equipment, home Wi-Fi network, or even the Cloud. The Cloud allows users to connect to the swim spa from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

With an optional waterproof case and a heavy-duty smart device mount, the user can position their iPad or iPad mini conveniently in their swim spa for a workout. SNAPP is available to download through the Apple App Store.

Michael Phelps Legend Series by Master Spas.
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Michael Phelps Legend Series by Master Spas.

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