Michael Phelps Swim Spa vs. Jetted Swim Spas

The Michael Phelps Swim Spa, as its name suggests, is an industry-leading swim spa designed for world-class swimming and aquatic exercise. The proprietary propulsion current provides a customizable, steady current resulting in a workout experience befitting the champion it is named for.

While a jetted swim spa can be an adequate tool for general aquatic exercise or aquatic therapy, it does not offer the type of current required to achieve an effective swim workout. A jetted swim spa uses pumps and nozzles rather than propulsion to simulate an endless pool. This approach does create resistance, however, it results in a narrower, more turbulent water current and inconsistent levels of resistance. What’s more, many people find that the water surface disruption created by jetted current systems makes it difficult to breathe while swimming and because there is inconsistent resistance, a swim harness tethering system is required to adequately swim in a jetted swim spa.

In comparison, the propulsion current of a Michael Phelps Swim Spa is wider, deeper and smoother than a jetted swim spa and is capable of creating greater resistance while still maintaining a consistent level of resistance within the current. In addition, Michael Phelps Swim Spas are the only swim spas on the market to offer the SNAPP workout app, which provides pre-programmed workouts, tracking and customization for various types of exercise including swimming, aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy.

While slightly higher in cost than a jetted swim spa, the Michael Phelps Swim Spa is clearly superior in its design, engineering and performance. Michael Phelps Swim Spas were designed to meet the needs of customers who demand the best and refuse to settle for less. Contact a dealer near you to learn more about the available models, additional features and obtain cost information.

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